Publisher: Wydawnictwo Literackie

Released: 2012

An original combination of the fantastic and the traditional historical novel, with elements of political and psychological thriller.


Konstanty Willemann lives in Warsaw, but he is the son of a German aristocrat and a Polonized Silesian woman, who does not make much of patriotic slogans and the tradition of heroic soldiers dying for their homelands. He is a cynic, a scoundrel, and a bon vivant. He is a cheating husband and a bad father.

Konstanty reluctantly takes part in the September Campaign, and when it collapses, he joins a secret organization with equal reluctance. He does not want to be a Pole or a German. He does, however, want to get his hands on more morphine and live his old life as a barfly and a womanizer.

But you cannot escape from history.

In Morphine, Szczepan Twardoch has achieved a rare feat in Polish prose – he has created an anti-hero whom you cannot help but like. Like the great ones – Witkacy, Gombrowicz, Littell – the young writer knows how to show a weak, torn human being enmeshed in history.

A crazed, trance-inducing, and bold novel.

Novel lovers of all ages.

Those intersted in the history of Poland and alterante realities.

Published translations: German, Ukrainian, Romanian, Czech, Slovenian, French, Serbian, Croatian, Hungarian.