Królestwo (The Kingdom)

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Literackie

Released: October 2018

Powerful and graphic, showing the realities of the war and occupied Warsaw.


Twardoch’s much read and adored The King left plenty of readers wanting more. The author gave us a highly nuanced image of prewar Warsaw, torn by political pressures, yet also full of passions. In his latest novel he goes further – Ryfka and Dawid, protagonists of The King, attempt to survive the hell of German-occupied Warsaw in The Kingdom. In his sharp‑edged and ruthless style he shows how people’s everyday lives looked during the war – both those who tried to save others, and those capable of the greatest infamies. The surrounding world grows darker and darker, and the only ray of hope in a world of bloody madness is love – but perhaps this, too, will not stand the test of time? The author seduces us with the brutal and raw beauty of his literature, while stripping us of all our illusions. This is a powerful novel, soaked in despair, yet also achingly beautiful and full of love – Twardoch is in top form.

The author is one of the most eagerly read and frequently awarded Polish prose writers. The King and The Kingdom are the beginning of a highly promising series of historical novels.